Our Approach

Whether to keep up with increasing client demands or tackle multiple internal initiatives, the urgency to find talent that can hit the ground running is glaringly obvious. We understand that you need someone in your open position yesterday, and that he or she needs to add value quickly. In other words, we get it. At the O’Hare Group, we work swiftly to find compelling candidates no matter the role, but firmly believe in hiring to fit, not just hiring to fill.

Assessing whether a person possesses the industry expertise, core competencies, and crucial-but-often-overlooked interpersonal skills to make both immediate contributions and long-term impact is a task we don’t take lightly. We take special effort to determine a candidate’s capacity to satisfy not baseline job requirements, but his or her overall potential. Will he be an involved member of the team? Will she be a strong mentor to junior colleagues? Can he serve as a steward for the agency’s mission while exceeding client expectations? Can she find a home within the company’s unique culture?

We recognize that commitments are made bilaterally–by the company to the employee, and the employee to the company. Our aim is to ensure the investment isn’t wasted on either side and instead promises a successful future for both parties.

As a recruiting partner, the O’Hare Group supports clients wherever they are in the process and will:

  • learn the needs of the client (timing, job requirements, salary requirements, company benefits and perks)
  • help to draft/edit job description (if needed)
  • source potential candidates (active and passive)
  • reach out to and screen candidates via phone and in person meetings
    submit interested and qualified candidates for consideration to hiring manager
  • schedule and coordinate all meetings for candidate
    perform reference checks on candidates with detailed reports for hiring manager
  • help facilitate drafting of offer letters and negotiations between chosen candidates and hiring manager